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I made a light box today for exposing screens in my new workspace!
Im really excited about having a more functional/efficient set up.  I made two new screens today and am preparing stencils for 3 more screens that are ready to be exposed. Lots of productivity feels good, I guess changing my ADD meds was effective.  

stay tuned for much art posting later this week~*~

I need a set up like this

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you may notice that i often make posts about how shitty of an artist i am and how i cant draw, usually followed up by an art dump.

it just bares noting that these art dumps are just a shallow charade for myself. i get down on myself for not being able to draw, then pretend to be an artist for an hour, and then immediately hate the end result.

i am no artist. i am bad at the craft. 

for what it’s worth I think your stuff is quite good, but I absolutely understand the feeling. You never want to take it too far but in my opinion having too much reflexive frustration with your own work is highly preferable to having none at all. It’s the only way we ever get better. The fact that you feel that way yet still produce work is a good sign.

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Gottfried von Berlichingen: Götz of the Iron Hand(1480 – 1562)

A German imperial knight and mercenary, von Berlichingen lost his right hand in battle when enemy cannon fire drove his sword against him. Reluctant to accept this limitation, he had a mechanical prosthesis made to replace the crucial appendage.

Using an ingenious system of racheted digits (mechanisms pictured), the famous iron hand for which he was known was able to handle shields, reins and pens with relative grace; von Berlichingen continued in an illustrious military career which has inspired plays and lent his name to warships after the end of his long life.

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion this is what Guts’ prosthetic arm in ‘Berserk’ was based on

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